Golf and lifestyle

combined in a new form

Our offer

The Swiss company Gold Tee Properties is soon launching a revolutionary Golf Vacation Rental Platform.

We asked many golfers the question:

What makes golf vacation an unforgettable experience for you?

The answers were very diverse. Therefore:

Wouldn’t it be great, if golfers could select their ingredients for dream vacation online from a menu, with suggestions from local experts and consulting on demand? We promise, this dream will come true.

Our state-of -the art GOLF VACATION RENTAL PLATFORM allows a dynamic, creative and efficient vacation planning & booking process. The luxury resort properties, villas & apartments, are the home base for a secure and pleasant stay and regional experiences. 

Quality time with partner, family and friends – living in luxury homes – playing wonderful golf courses – eating in hip restaurants – enjoying fun activities

Gold Tee Properties enables unforgettable golf vacation, inside and outside the resort.


The investment opportunity 

If you are interested in investing in golf resort properties, which we manage and rent out, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pleasure, not work

The perfect holiday? On the one hand, not having to worry about a thing – neither the journey, transport nor childcare or cleaning.

On the other, making the best use of your precious time – for sports activities; exploring new places; relaxing; and enjoying the moment. Thanks to our personal 1st class concierge service!

Use of resort amenities

Our selected resorts are well maintained, easy to reach and provide high-quality infrastructures and services. All of which means that you can have your cake and eat it.

Enjoy the personal comfort of your own private villa or apartment at your own pace, while also taking advantage of the resort’s spa, fitness, culinary and housekeeping services as required. Making your holiday a pleasure and providing a relaxing break from your everyday life.

Quality golf

Only resorts offering a selection of top golf courses will be chosen for Gold Tee Properties. The terms and conditions for playing golf are agreed with the resort when purchasing the property.

Direct access to the resort’s golf offering and to courses in direct proximity will make any golfer’s heart beat faster. Tee times, carts and clubs can be organized for you as required and at extremely attractive prices.

In addition to this, Gold Tee Properties negotiates conditions for, and access to, other golf courses outside the resort and organizes transport to them. Variety is particularly important for golfers and correspondingly requires a range of unique golf courses.

Experience special moments

Even if passionate golfers wish to spend most of their holiday playing golf, this should not mean missing out on other activities.

Other members of the family may not be so keen on golf and experience shows that non-golfers also enjoy well maintained golf resorts. Ideally, everyone should enjoy the holiday.

Our resorts are ideal starting points for a day at the beach; local culinary experiences, exploring new places or extended shopping or sightseeing trips. Enjoy unforgettable holidays while also combining golf and lifestyle!


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