Golf and lifestyle

combined in a new form

Our idea

Swiss company Gold Tee Properties is launching the first investment pool for golf properties in top golf resorts around the world. The idea is simple, transparent – and sustainable.

It is also a modern concept based on the ‘sharing economy’ movement , with golfers sharing the investment in, and use of, a number of properties worldwide.

You can rely 100% on Gold Tee Properties to handle portfolio management, administrative work, and organization of use.

Our offer

Gold Tee Properties promises varied golf holidays on significantly better terms than on the free market.

You, as the owner, can enjoy your selection of relaxing homes as well as local culinary highlights; exploring new places; taking advantage of extensive shopping opportunities; and making use of personalized leisure options.

As a Gold Tee Owner you can also make use of a 1st class concierge service. Experience carefree moments by combining a shared economy investment with golf and lifestyle!

Your benefits

The plus of owning your own property while still being able to enjoy holidays to the full without any of the responsibilities. Find out more about the benefits of being a Gold Tee Owner:

Owning a holiday property

Who hasn’t toyed with the idea of purchasing their own holiday property? Are you tempted by the thought of owning a house or apartment in warmer climes but have been prevented from doing so by the financial and time aspects?

You may also not wish to be limited to a single destination because you prefer variety. None of this applies with Gold Tee Properties, because you will become the co-owner of multiple modern villas and apartments around the world.

We handle the selection, purchase and management of the properties. Holiday homes in well-known resorts are usually expensive, however on the positive side are well constructed, located in safe, quiet and well maintained grounds and, at the very least, retain their value.

Share the investment, costs
and profits

For you, making smart investments is a given and for us means maximizing your benefits in the long term while also minimizing costs. The sustainable sharing economy concept allows you to share purchase costs and annual expenses for exclusive properties with other investors, while the Gold Tee Properties team and its selected partners handle all the administrative and management work.

Each property is shared by four co-owners (users), guaranteeing excellent availability. A further benefit of our destinations is that they offer round-the-year golfing, significantly increasing opportunities to use them in comparison, for example, to beach holidays.

During periods in which the property is not being used by its owners it is rented on the free market at market prices. You, as the owner, can take advantage of the rental income, which is paid out as dividends, as well as the increase in value of the current and future real estate portfolio.

Pleasure, not work

The perfect holiday? On the one hand, not having to worry about a thing – neither the journey, transport nor childcare or cleaning.

On the other, making the best use of your precious time – for sports activities; exploring new places; relaxing; and enjoying the moment. Thanks to our personal 1st class concierge service!

Use of resort amenities

Our selected resorts are well maintained, easy to reach and provide high-quality infrastructures and services. All of which means that you can have your cake and eat it.

Enjoy the personal comfort of your own private villa or apartment at your own pace, while also taking advantage of the resort’s spa, fitness, culinary and housekeeping services as required. Making your holiday a pleasure and providing a relaxing break from your everyday life.

Quality golf

Only resorts offering a selection of top golf courses come into question for Gold Tee Properties. The terms and conditions for playing golf are agreed with the resort when purchasing the property.

Direct access to the resort’s golf offering and to courses in direct proximity will make any golfer’s heart beat faster. Tee times, carts and clubs can be organized for you as required and at extremely attractive prices.

In addition to this, Gold Tee Properties negotiates conditions for, and access to, other golf courses outside the resort and organizes transport to them. Variety is particularly important for golfers and correspondingly requires a range of unique golf courses.

Experience special moments

Even if passionate golfers wish to spend most of their holiday playing golf, this should not mean missing out on other activities.

Other members of the family may not be so keen on golf and experience shows that non-golfers also enjoy well maintained golf resorts. Ideally, everyone should enjoy the holiday.

Our resorts are ideal starting points for a day at the beach; local culinary experiences, exploring new places or extended shopping or sightseeing trips. Enjoy unforgettable holidays while also combining golf and lifestyle!


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