Gold Tee Properties

A unique investment in
exclusive golf properties

Golf and Lifestyle

combined in a new form

Premium Golf Resorts

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European focus,

Global perspective

Investment Opportunity 

 Gold Tee Properties plans to become the most successful golf real estate investment and rental platform worldwide. To reach the target, fund assets will be invested specifically in first-class leisure properties and an attractive return of forcasted 5% will be achieved with rental income. The “Gold Tee Properties” brand will convince with Swissness: a guarantee for a cultivated lifestyle, quality in real estate as well as professionalism and innovation in services.

Initially, exclusive resort properties, villas & apartments will be purchased in Spain and Portugal, then in the rest of Europe and on other continents. This acquisition strategy enables the investor to become a co-owner of a portfolio of globally networked leisure properties. In addition to the return, he benefits from a planned increase in value of the portfolio.


If the investor combines his pure property co-ownership with an additional Gold Tee Properties usage ownership, he can use the properties for an annual fee at very attractive conditions, including 1st class concierge service. This option guarantees a unique return on experience.

Thus Gold Tee Properties has an attractive investment opportunity for both the yield-oriented and the experience-oriented investor who is interested in a combination of investment, yield and use.

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Destinations and Properties

Gold Tee Properties gives you access to golf resort properties at
exclusive destinations around the world, all handpicked by experts.

Team Competence

Our team is made up of experts in the fields of general management, finance, real estate, golf, tourism, marketing, and IT.


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